What to put in a Dojo Medical Kit


From USA-Judo (By Falcon Physical Therapy’s Director of Sports Medicine, Randy Bales, ATC):

In a perfect world, nothing bad would ever happen. Since we don’t live in a perfect world, there is a need for preparedness. For this reason, first aid kits are readily available most anywhere we go. They can be found in most public buildings, usually on any public mode of transportation, in most of our work places, in many homes and are even available for your car. They are even available in many different sizes and contain a variety of materials to fit most any need.

The dojo should be no exception. Being a contact sport, as we all know, the possibility for injury in judo is always present. These injuries can range from a simple bruise or cut, dislocation/fracture or even worse. Thus it is necessary to be prepared for whatever may happen. A relatively small medical kit can be very useful in just such a setting.

The contents of a medical kit should be general enough to meet a variety of needs, yet fairly specific to the sport itself. For example: Click here for full article.

For more information, contact Falcon Physical Therapy via email (click here) or visit The Falcon website

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