2011 Konan Matt Pass Program Fundraiser – Expanded from 2010


Don’t miss workouts when you travel, or have schedule conflict, or just want some new workout partners occasionally?

We have extended the Konan Mat Pass Program into 2011:  For $35 Donation (Make your checks out to Konan and include SASE and forward them to:  Steven DeRaedt , 5747 Kirkridge Trail, Rochester Hills, MI 48306

You’ll  receive a mat pass for 6 workouts at the following dojos: Saito, Orion, Godai, MSU, Chu To Bu (all three sites), Shojin, and International Budo Ryokukai  and we hope to add Oakland University soon, so stay posted for new clubs added.

Participating Dojos:

1)       Saito Dojo in Birmingham

2)       Orion Judo Club in Lake Orion

3)       Godai Judo in Grand Rapids

4)       MSU Dojo in East Lansing

5)       Chu To Bus in Cleveland area

6)       Shojin Judo in Detroit

7)       International Budo Ryokukai in Sterling Heights, MI

8)       St. Francis Bushido Dojo in South Dakota

Click here to add your dojo to the list.

You must be registered USJF/USJA/.USJI member at the time of workout

Click here to e-mail Steven DeRaedt if you have questions or to apply by e-mail.

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