Godai Judo – Children-at-Risk Program


Many of you may have heard about my new judo program for at risk kids.

The program will be starting in February at the Kroc Center of Grand Rapids.  The Kroc Center is a wonderfully facility funded by the Kroc Foundation (McDonalds Restaurants).  The facility is run by the local chapter of the Salvation Army.  For more on the Kroc Center, click here.

The core group of children we are targeting are truly at risk.  Many of them are of very limited means.

I am contacting you today asking for help.  We need as many judo uniforms as we can get our hands on.  If any of you have and clean old uniforms you can donate to our program I would greatly appreciate it.  If you would like to help please bring them to the upcoming Konan Rank Evaluation Tournament this Sunday and I can get them from you there.

Thank in advance for the help!

Best regards,

Jim Murray
Godai Judo
Ph: 616-293-1568
Fax: 616-433-8225
E-Mail (NEW)


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