2010 Great Lakes Open Results – Revised



Click here for results: 2010 GLO Results Revised

Thanks to Jim Murray, Tournament Director, and the many volunteers who made the tournament possible  – too many to thank!

  • Table Help – Great Job
  • Pooling People – Great Job
  • Set Up and Tear Down People – Great Job

Thanks to Doug Tono, Tohkon Judo Academy, Chicago, for providing mats.

Special thanks to Tom Sheehan, Head Referee and the corps of referees, without whom we could not have held the judo contest:

  • Don Flagg
  • Jerry Wee
  • Neil Simon
  • Gary Wood
  • Don Van Hemm
  • Michael Mooney
  • Neal Makki
  • Deb Fergus
  • Jamie Blake
  • Don Wilson
  • Danielle Clinton
  • Derrick Battle

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