Five Konan Youth to Travel to Japan for Sanix Junior High School Championship


Summer Truong (Ju Shin Kan) Riku Higashi (Saito Dojo), Ryan Osborne (Macomb Y), Nick Joseph (Macomb Y) and Daniela Gomez (Ann Arbor Y) have been selected to represent Konan Yudanshakai at the 2010 Sanix Junior High School Team Championships.  Along with other young players from USJF, they will travel to Japan this December.  Mr. Neil Simon, president of USJF, will lead the team.  Mr Shinji Higashi (Saito Dojo) will accompany to assist.

Traditionally 7 other international teams and about 80 Japanese Middle School teams attend to compete in this prestigious event. The mission of the Sanix Event is to foster the spread and advancement of Junior High School Judo as well as to train and educate future participants for the Olympic Games and World Championships.

In addition to this mission the participants will have the chance to meet and mix with their counterparts (from Russia, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, etc.) who come from different cultural backgrounds.  This too contributes to their overall development as a judoka and individual while helping create a global Judo vision. This experience will help open their eyes and gain an experience of a life time.  To date, all the participants who have previously gone to this event have ended up placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at the national level.

After the Team Championships the participants will be exposed to a series of international training camps.  Judoka will get to practice and share their knowledge of judo with local high school and junior high school Japanese judoka along with all of other international participants.

Although many costs are covered upon arrival in Japan, participants must self-fund air-fare and other expenses, which can cost several thousand dollars per participant.

Please consider supporting our Konan young people by direct contribution to Michigan Judo Development Association, a 501(c)(3) charity.

Mail contributions to:

Mr. Noboru Saito
Michigan Judo Development Association
139 Roth Boulevard
Clawson MI 48017

A portion of the entry fees for the 2010 Great Lakes Open Judo Championships, November 21, 2010 will be devoted to supporting these young people.  Please consider participation. Click here for more information about the 2010 GLO.

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