Grand Slam Tournament Makes the News


Thanks to everyone that helped to make the Grand Slam tournament a big success.  The following link is a story is about a guy from Michigan Extreme Judo.  Nick is quite an inspirational guy I think you will be impressed.  I know I was when I met him! He changed my perspective on a lot of things!

Click here for the video story.

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Jim Murray
Michigan Extreme Judo

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2 Responses to “Grand Slam Tournament Makes the News”

  1. Jim Says:

    Hey, When will the results for the Grand slam in grandrapids be posted on the site???

    • konanjudo Says:

      The results should be up shortly. After the tournament, the director’s first responsibility is to complete reporting for the sanctioning body. As soon as that is complete, he can publish the results. You can subscribe to the Konan site by using the e-mail subscription feature found on the home page. That way’ll you’ll get immediate notification of the posting. Thanks for visiting the site.

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