Dr. Cho Visits Konan in CO


Recently, Mr. Paul Truong, Head Sensei at Konan dojo Ju Shin Kan Judo Club in Colorado Springs hosted Dr. In-Chul Cho, multiple World Champion and Olympic medalist, for an extended visit. Dr. Cho lead classes and clinics at Ju Shin Kan as well as at USJF Intermountain Yudanshakai member, Northglenn Judo Club in Denver

Mr. Truong reports that Dr. Cho taught very basic techniques, but showed how to execute these techniques effectively and in combination with each other for maximum effect.  After just one week of training with Dr. Cho,  drilling and polishing their skill, students showed  tremendous improvement in their judo.

Despite two very severe spring snowstorms, Dr. Cho was able to lead a very well attended clinic at Northglen with approximately 60 players attending.

According to Mr. Truong, Dr. Cho’s visit was a great experience for Colorado judo players as he impressed them with his judo skill, his teaching ability and his warm personality – Mr. Truong and his students extend their great thanks to Dr. Cho, hoping the visit was equally enjoyable for him.

Mr. Truong thanks Konan Judo, especially President Steven DeRaedt, for assisting in making Dr. Cho’s visit possible.

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