Konan’s St. Francis Judo Club One of a Kind

By: Molly Mullen Lakota Times Correspondent

ST. FRANCIS – St. Francis is now the only community in South Dakota with a Judo club registered with the United States Judo Federation and sponsored by the Konan Judo Yudanshaki, a board of black belts.

David Halmi, judo sensei Photo by Molly Mullenr

David Halmi, judo sensei Photo by Molly Mullen

St. Francis Mission donated a building, formerly used for childcare, for a traditional dojo where judo is taught and practiced.

The Rev. John Hatcher, S.J., said part of the mission’s strategic plan is to address health issues.

“Well obviously exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle,” Hatcher said, “but kids also need some kind of internal discipline that judo can offer.”

David Halmi, judo sensei or teacher, registered the dojo with the USJF after becoming a certified judo teacher in February. He agreed with Hatcher, saying martial arts classes can build students’ physical and mental strength.

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    this is awesome, thanks!

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