Konan 2010 Spring Promotional Results


Here is an excerpt of the official report of the recent Promotional Clinic. Special thanks to the listed members of the Promotional Committee for generously giving their time to the benefit of the candidates.  Congratulations to the successful candidates!

Report of Konan Promotional Clinic

The Spring Promotional Clinic was held at Michigan State University on March 6, 2010.  Promotional Committee members present included Mr. Thomas Sheehan, Mr. Neil Simon, Mrs. Elizabeth Spaeth, Mr. Jim Murray, Mr. Don Wilson and Mr. Don Flagg, Committee Chair.

The Committee recommends the following individuals for promotion:

Jamie Blake                             Sandan

Daniel Schackmann             Sandan

Danielle Clinton                    Nidan

Stephanie Hawkins             Shodan

Eric Richards                        Shodan

Mr. Richards also passed his evaluation for Nage-No-Kata “C” certification

Respectfully submitted,

Don J. Flagg, Chairman, Konan Board of Examiners

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