Sanix 2009 Tournament Report


The Sanix Tournament is an annual invitational  judo tournament for 13 and 14 year-olds, held in Japan  at Christmas time.  Through a combination of self-funding and assistance from Sanix Corporation, USJF,  Konan Judo Association and Michigan Judo Development, this event is an extraordinary opportunity for qualified judo students.

Every year a USJF team with Konan players participates.  In 2009, Konan was represented by Michael Assels, Ryan Hisaki, Donald Moseman, Summer Truong and Riku Higashi.  This past year’s Sanix event was another success for US team members.  The tournament consisted of 8 teams from 8 countries outside Japan and 69 teams from all over the Japan, mainly the west side.

Our team won the first round 3-2 but lost the second round 5-0 against a much bigger and better team.  Top teams at Sanix are very strong, and skilled – at least nidan level by our US standards.

In addition to the tournament, participants enjoyed 2 days of training camp.  All  Konan team members practiced very hard – many warm ups, Uchi komis and many, many randori sessions.

After the tournament, practice matches were held, as well.  The match-ups were very fair, resulting in a balance of wins and losses for Konan players.  Most importantly, our team represented Konan and USJF well, fighting hard and fair.

All team members behaved well off the mat and were well-liked by the sponsor, Sanix, and by the Japanese kids.  They will write their experience in USJF Magazine, so you can read more when it is published.

Also, you can find photos at  Here is a nice  Thank You and Card from one of the 2009 participants.

This report is taken from a preliminary report by Mr Noboru Saito, who accompanied the team.  Photos thanks to Ms.  Julie Moseman.

To learn more about participating in Sanix 2010, contact Mr. Steven Deraedt, President, Konan Judo.

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