Konan Yudanshakai IJF 2010 New Rules Update Clinic


IJF logoOn January 30, before the Konan Rank Evaluation Tournament, Mr. Noboru Saito (International Referee) and Mr. Neil Simon (National Referee) conducted a very informative clinic covering the new competition rules for 2010.

These are major rule changes, effectively eliminating many formerly acceptable techniques, with a penalty of hansokumake for violation.  The changes are largely directed at limiting the use of grips below the belt (i.e. leg grabbing), except in very specifically defined situations.   It  is critical for referees, coaches and, most importantly, competitors to understand these new rules –  application requires great judgement, applied very quickly.

The clinic, which  ran from 10:30 am until noon, was funded by a grant from USJF and free of charge to all attendees. It was very well attended, with 51 participants, including competitors, coaches and the following referees: Thomas Sheehan (B), Don Flagg (C), Gerald Wee (C), Mike Mooney (N), Don Cattel, Dan VanHemm, Gary Wood, Jamie Blake, Don Wilson, Derek Battle, Gordeau Watkins, Danielle Clinton. The attendees represented all levels of the Konan judo community and were excited and eager to learn about these major changes to judo competition rules.

Konan New Rules Clinic

The clinic began with an explanation of the reason for the changes – to differentiate Olympic judo from wrestling and other grappling sports.  A detailed PowerPoint  presentation was reviewed, showing many examples of both legal and illegal techniques. This was followed by a review of all 60 examples found on the IJF website, alng with revised interpretations, as reported by Mr. Joon Chi, USJF Referee Development and Certification Committee- Chairperson, after his visit to the the 2010 Korea World Master Championship.

The clinic was very effective as a surprisingly small number of hansokumake penalties were issued under then new rules. Evidently referees, coaches and competitors listen well!

Thanks to Mr. Saito and Mr. Simon for this informative clinic.

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