Konan Mat Pass Program


KONAN YUDANSHAKAI has developed a special 2010 fund raising program (Konan Mat Pass) to promote workouts with select participating member dojos. Proceeds from this program will support the 2010 activities of Konan, including our hosting of  Dr. In-Chul Cho, multiple World Champion and Olympic Medalist,  through July 2010

Contact Steven DeRaedt at stevendmich@aol.com if  you would like to add your dojo to the list.

This program is intended to promote continuity of your training during business trips, vacations, etc., as well as to allow sampling of other clubs in the area.  It is not intended to substitute for regular club memberships, but to allow for occasional participation, to meet other training partners, and to build good relationships amongst our members. (Cost: Min. Donation of $35 for one pass good for six uses).


1)       Saito Dojo in Birmingham

2)       Orion Judo Club in Lake Orion

3)       Michigan Extreme in Grand Rapids

4)       MSU Dojo in East Lansing

5)       Chu To Bus in Cleveland area

6)       Shojin Judo in Detroit

7)       International Budo Ryokukai in Sterling Heights, MI

8)       St. Francis Bushido Dojo in South Dakota

You must be registered USJF/USJA/.USJI member at the time of workout

Contact Steven DeRaedt at stevendmich@aol.com for an official signed pass via the mail.

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