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Stay Informed, Join The USJF News List Today

January 31, 2010

To join/subscribe to the USJF_NewsList via email:

1. Send a blank email to:

2. You will receive a subscription confirmation message. Just reply to this message and your subscription will be complete.

If you are serving as a Yudanshakai President, Yudanshakai Rank Registration Chairperson, USJF Committee or Subcommittee Chairperson, or USJF Executive Committee Member, you may NOT want subscribe to this listing as it will oftentimes receive the same information that is already being sent to you because of your position.

PLEASE encourage others to join the list so that they may be kept informed and up to date on events, information and programs. Please copy the instructions and forward them to anyone who may be interested in keeping up on what’s happening in the USJF.

As this is not meant to be a discussion group, this is a read-only group. Members cannot respond or post to the list.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Judo and the United States Judo Federation!


Revisions to Interpretation of New IJF Rules

January 31, 2010

IJF logo

Recently, USJF Referee Development and Certification Committee- Chairperson, Mr. Joon Chi, attended the IJF World Masters Suwon tournament in Suwon, Korea.

He reports the following important revisions to the New Rules of Hansokumake Videos at the IJF website. The following video numbers were revised:

  • 23………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for White
  • 27………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for White
  • 29………..No Hansokumake
  • 31………..No Hansokumake
  • 39………..Remove from samples
  • 40………..Remove from samples
  • 44………..No Hansokumake
  • 46………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for White
  • 47………..No Hansokumake
  • 49………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for White
  • 50………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for Blue
  • 51………..No Hansokumake……should be Shido for white

USJF Forms Page Added

January 27, 2010

Direct links to all USJF Forms have been added to our Library, with a new USJF Forms Page. This page also links back to the USJF site.

Konan Dojo Pages

January 24, 2010

If you would like to add a page with information about your dojo e-mail Pete Catlos .  Be sure to include your telephone number and the best times when you can be reached.

Your page will be added under the page Konan Dojos

Web Site Development

January 24, 2010

Today we added:

  • Subscription Link: You can now subscribe to the Konan site and get e-mail notification of new postings.
  • Konan Club Website List:  You can now click through to member club websites.  if your club is not listed, don’t panic – the list is not yet complete. If there is an error or you wish get your club listed more quickly, please reply by comment to this post with the necessary information.

About Konan Page Updated – Konan By-Laws

January 23, 2010

The By-Laws of Konan Judo Association are posted at Konan By-Laws.

IJF Rules Presentation

January 23, 2010

Important Information for all competitors and referees is found in this IJF Rule Update Presentation .

Note that the penalty for some violations of these new rules is Hansokumake. Don’t lose a match through igonorance!

2010 USA Judo Bowing Rules

January 23, 2010

Click here to view the 2010 USA Judo Bowing Guide

Rule Change Clarification

January 21, 2010

The latest information and clarification regarding the recent IJF rules changes may be reviewed at the following addresses.

2010 _U.S._Rule_Changes_2009.12.28_FINAL.pdf



Dr. Cho 1st Quarter Schedule is Filling Fast

January 17, 2010

Please contact Mr. Steven DeRaedt to make arrangements to host Dr. Cho at your dojo or event.

First quarter slots are filling quickly.

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